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Family Financial Difficulties Can Lead to Children Developing ADHD


In a study led by Abigail Russell, a doctoral candidate in medical studies (Child Mental Health Group) at the University of Exeter Medical School, in the United Kingdom, she and other researchers were able to link family financial difficulties to an increased risk of developing ADHD in children.

This is an interesting study because researchers rarely associate environmental factors in the home to developing ADHD. While it is true that environmental factors play a role in developing mental disorders, this new study identifies a new trigger in ADHD development.

Abigail Russell continues by saying "27.8% of the association between ADHD and financial difficulties was [instigated] by lack of parental involvement and exposure to psychosocial adversity, including domestic violence.” This gives more clarity to the finding, by showing us that traumatizing events such as domestic violence and tense home settings can have negative effects on a child’s brain development.

"There were, however, no significant associations between ADHD and weekly income, maternal or paternal education, or maternal or paternal employment”, according to Russell and colleagues. This is comforting to know, because parents will not feel that their children will inevitably develop ADHD based on their income or financial status.

Russell continues to say that theses findings can very well help us in reducing the risk of developing ADHD in children. It’s important to note that while doctors do everything they can to reduce the impact of ADHD in one’s life, there is a huge role we can play in shaping a child’s environment for the better.

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