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Clinical Studies Directory of Research Success

It’s true! Clinical Trials make a real difference in the healthcare industry and the medications provided to patients around the world. In this clinical trial directory of clinical trial success, see how clinical trials successfully improve treatments and medications through research and the generous volunteers just like you. Bookmark this page as we add success stories.

How often do you find yourself waking up more tired than when you went to bed? What about falling asleep in the middle of class, or nodding off while at work? The answer isn’t energy shots or more cups of coffee. The solution lies in how much sleep you are logging each night.
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Music is The Best Medicine!

By Sinaida Cherubin

Bob Marley has famously said that “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." Well did you know that music has been scientifically proven to significantly improve your quality of life?

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The recent loss of Hollywood icon Robin Williams was a reminder to the world that we can never know what struggles each person has to deal with in their lives. It may come as a surprise that Robin Williams would commit suicide, but when we realize that he was battling with depression, we begin to learn how this could happen in in his life and the lives of people we know.

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Thanks to medical research, we are able to identify better treatment methods for people dealing with Schizophrenia. Scientists today believe that studying the genome can allow us to understand better why certain people are susceptible to mental illnesses. 

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