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Signs of ADHD


Learn about the different symptoms of ADHD

Symptoms of Inattention

  • Careless mistakes/lack of attention to details
  • Lack of sustained attention
  • Poor listener
  • Failure to follow through on tasks
  • Poor organization
  • Avoids tasks requiring sustained mental effort
  • Losing things
  • Easily distracted
  • Forgetful in daily activities

Symptoms of Hyperactivity

  • Fidgeting/squirming
  • Leaving seat
  • Excessive running/climbing
  • Difficulty with quiet activities
  • "On the go"
  • Excessive talking

Symptoms of Impulsivity

  • Blurting out answers
  • Can't wait turn
  • Intrusive
If you or someone you know are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact Medical Research Group of Central Florida to learn more information or from your free assessment to see if you qualify for a clinical study of an investigational medication for the treatment of ADHD. 

Call today to see how Medical Research Group of Central Florida can help you or your loved ones. Offices in Orange City at (386)775-7627 or Sanford at (407)220-3362.

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