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Current Trials

We’re thrilled you’re interested in participating in our clinical trials. Your participation will help us develop better medication and treatments. Simply complete the clinical trial contact form below to request more information about this trial and to determine if you qualify to participate. One of our friendly staff members will contact you to discuss the next steps. If you would rather speak directly to one of our team members, call us at 386-775-7627.

Childhood Depression

What is Childhood Depression?

Untreated depression can lead to problems both now and later in life, including poor school performance, reckless behavior, substance abuse, and other social and personal problems. The good news is that taking action now can reduce these risks, and that you have options.

Common Symptoms of Depression in Children Include:

•Changes in sleep being either sleeplessness or excessive sleep •Frequent feelings of anger or being "on edge" •Difficulty with concentrating in school •Noticeable changes in desire/ability to function during school, socialize with peers, or participate in extracurricular activities or in the home. •Excessive fatigue and/or low energy •Physical complaints that won't respond to treatment •Feelings of worthlessness or guilt •Impaired thinking or concentration •Thoughts of death or suicide Not all children have all of these symptoms. In fact, most will display different symptoms at different times and in different settings.

If your child is between the ages of 7 and 11,and has been diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder or simply "Depression", your child can qualify for one of our clinical research studies. Clinical research studies of child depression are enrolling NOW. If your child qualifies for one of these studies, he or she may receive at NO COST:

•Fast and frequent access to a local child psychiatrist with no wait.

•Depression medication approved for use in adults at no cost.

•Payment for the parents' time and travel.

•No insurance needed

* Required

"Dr. T is a really good and caring Doctor. I would recommend him to anyone. Very sensitive and listens really well, and cares about patients problems. The meds have been working like a charm for a year and a half now."

Patient R

"The attention I received while in the clinical study was great. The coordinators were always available to answer my questions and being able to have the one on one attention for my illness allowed me to understand my situation better."

Patient H

"I have been seeing Dr. Thebaud for a few years now. I even moved to a different county and choose to drive to see him for care each month. I do this because I am comfortable with him treating me and don't think I could find a doctor I like closer to home. My needs were put first."

Patient T

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