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Can I take part if I'm not on medication?

This varies for each medical trial depending on what medication you are on and the trial design.

Each clinical trial has different requirements for volunteers. Most  healthy volunteer trials require just that – healthy volunteers – and  therefore if you are taking long-term medication, you may not be  suitable. Often if you are on short-term treatment, for example, a week  of antibiotics for a throat infection, you would be able to take part  once you have finished the course of medicine and the condition it was  treating has cleared up.

However, research is also conducted in patient groups who may need to  take medication to manage their condition. In this case it will depend  on the trial requirements, but the trial will often be designed to allow  patients to still take their normal medicines.

As this changes from trial to trial, please contact our recruitment team  and they can discuss what clinical trials will work for you.

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