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Patient Information

Clinical Medical Research Volunteering

What to Expect

You make a healthier future possible.  It’s through your clinical medical research volunteer participation that we can conduct clinical trials that help develop better medications and treatments for people around the world.  You make a healthier future possible.  Plus you can get access to extraordinary healthcare and medical testing.

Before medications can be sold on the market, researchers must complete rigorous testing to prove the drugs are effective and safe. Clinical trials are research studies where volunteers are given an investigational drug or treatment to determine if it is effective and safe to be sold to patients throughout the world. Even after a drug is approved, research continues to be sure it is safe for patients, so some of the investigational medication we test is already available on the market.

Clinical Trials Participation

What to Expect

Each clinical trial will be different, but here are the general steps you will experience if you choose to participate in a medical research study at the Medical Research Group.

Step 1: Medical Physical

All participants who initially qualify for a study must undergo a complete medical physical and blood test to be sure they meet the needed qualifications to participate in the study.

Step 2: Question and Answer

If you are approved to participate, our research team will explain everything you need to know about the clinical trial. You will have the chance to ask as many questions as you would like to ensure you fully understand and feel comfortable with the study. You can always ask more questions throughout the process, and you can stop participation at any point.

Step 3: Investigational Therapy

Next the study will begin. You will need to visit our research center for regular visits depending on the needs of the clinical trial. We conduct trials at both our office locations, so participation is even easier and less time consuming than you thought. You will work with our research team, staff and doctors throughout the duration of the trial. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have, and you can stop participation at any time.

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Are clinical trials safe?

This is the question we hear most often from potential participants.

Each and every one of our participants is monitored by experienced medical doctors who specialize in mental illness and central nervous disorders. Our whole team and facility maintain the high standards of GCP certification. You can rest assured knowing we take great care to ensure you and your family receive the best care.

Please visit our FAQ for more answers to the most popular questions!


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